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Dr. Summer is proud to serve San Antonio as a mobile chiropractor. She believes quality chiropractic wellness care should be accessible and affordable for the busy family- pets included!

Experience Healing on the Go

Enhance Your Wellbeing With a Professional Chiropractor in San Antonio, TX

Revitalize your body with expert mobile chiropractic care.

Life is full of disruptions – injuries, headaches, and back pain, to name a few. These can significantly impede your day-to-day routine, and finding time to seek the necessary treatment can be challenging. The good news is we’re now offering more ways than ever for you to receive your chiropractic care in the San Antonio, TX area.

Hello, my name is Dr. Summer Kotson. I understand that your life can be busy, and time is precious. Therefore, I offer flexible solutions to meet your needs. You can visit my new clinic, located in San Antonio for personalized chiropractic care. I have created a welcoming and therapeutic environment to ensure you receive the best care when you step through the door.

But I didn’t stop there. For those who can’t make it to our clinic, we’re still committed to bringing our expertise to you. My mobile chiropractic service remains a vital part of our practice. Just like always, I will come to you, working personally to discuss your chiropractic adjustment treatment and develop a plan that aligns with your physical needs and busy schedule. My hybrid model of office visits and mobile service means you never have to compromise on your health, no matter how busy you might be. I am committed to providing the best chiropractic care, anytime, anywhere.

Personalized Approach

I believe in tailoring chiropractic care to meet each individual’s unique needs, providing personalized treatment plans for optimal healing and wellness.

Holistic Healing

As a chiropractor, I prioritize the holistic approach to healthcare, addressing not only the symptoms but also the underlying causes of discomfort, promoting overall wellness from within.

Non-Invasive Methods

I am dedicated to using non-invasive techniques and natural therapies to alleviate pain, restore proper alignment, and improve mobility, helping my patients avoid unnecessary surgeries or medications.

Patient Education and Empowerment

I strive to educate and empower my patients, equipping them with knowledge and self-care techniques that can contribute to their long-term health and wellbeing, promoting active participation in their own healing journey.

A Family Chiropractic Expert Can Improve The Health Of The Whole Household

My mobile practice is dedicated not just to your health but to the health of your entire family. When I visit for your first appointment, we’ll sit down and discuss several things—for example, what do you want to get out of chiropractic care? Is this just for you, or would you like to get your family involved? By doing this, I can help build you a more effective plan and start to learn more about you as a person. I don’t just want to give you treatment; I want to make sure you feel comfortable and secure working with me as your mobile chiropractor.

Once we’ve discussed everything, I’ll give you your very first session. Whether you need a chiropractic adjustment, back adjustment, or injury chiropractic, you can count on me! Within as little as 15 to 30 minutes, you can see the difference excellent chiropractic care can make.

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I’m here to serve you! Reach out today and let’s start your journey to improved well-being through personalized chiropractic care. Experience the difference in San Antonio, TX. Contact me now and let’s enhance your health together!

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