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What to Expect

Here’s What to Expect When You Start Receiving Mobile Chiropractic Care


For convenience, appointments are made online here through the Jane App site. In an effort to serve her mission of delivering chiropractic care to you in your home or workplace, Dr. Summer strives to keep her schedule as efficient as possible. Due to your location or the house calls already booked, Dr. Summer may have to alter your scheduled time to allow for adequate travel and treatment time.

From your personalized Jane App account, all necessary paperwork for your visit can be completed and will be available for Dr. Summer to review. Automatic reminders will be sent via email or text if selected. Once submitted, Dr. Summer will contact you to confirm your appointment time and location, discuss standard operating procedures, and will give you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have.

Not sure if chiropractic is right for you? Schedule a complimentary phone consultation with Dr. Summer using the same instructions.

Day of Visit

To prepare for your visit with Dr. Summer, please wear comfortable clothing and clear a space at your location that is large enough to fit the portable table (the size of a large coffee table.) All necessary equipment needed for your condition will be brought with the doctor, you will not need to provide anything.

Due to the constantly changing traffic patterns, please consider your appointment time as a window rather than a set time. If Dr. Summer will be 10 minutes earlier or 10 minutes later than your scheduled time, she will give you a text to let you know.

Upon arrival and equipment set-up, Dr. Summer will explore your health history with you, perform a comprehensive neuromusculoskeletal exam, and recommend a course of treatment based on the results and her clinical judgment. Then, the best part: treatment! When completed, lifestyle recommendations will be given based on the results of your treatment, goals for care will be discussed, and your next appointment will be scheduled, if necessary.


To maximize results, adhere to the detailed recommendations discussed at your visit. Reach out to Dr. Summer if you need help, feel stuck, or your recommendations aren’t giving you the desired result. Appointments can be made or changed at any time following using the Jane App site.

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